For You For You

Life moves… movement is life. Movement is freedom. To move is a central Part of our personal Lifestyle and our health. We support you in your motion with the abilities offered by taping and especially Kinesio Taping.

For Special Needs For Special Needs

Special needs already say it – you are special and you have needs. Kinesio is a wonderful way to meet some of those special needs, especially if it is about repositioning and redirecting body parts into the direction we think…

For Families For Families

Children and Newborns respond very well to taping and the results are very satisfying. From perinatal Clavicular fractures or Torticollis or postural corrections and more. For Back Pain during pregnancy, monthly menstrual cramps, lubar complaints and much more.  

For Athletes For Athletes

It all started with Athletes (A Volleyball team from 1979) And a tape that has the ability to treat pain, enhance regeneration and stabilizing joints and muscles. Last olympic games tapes could be seen everywhere. Just another trend? Certainly not…..

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Special Needs

Special Needs

Kinesio Taping for Children with Special Needs… Why? Because it does not restrict movement...
Hello world!

Hello world!

We are just about on the finish line.. give us a few more days...