Muscles constantly expand & contract. When muscles over extend and over contract because for an example they are used hard  they get inflamed, swollen and stiff. (this is a very natural reaction and causes muscles to grow)  The result is that the space between skin & muscle is being compressed. This results in discomfort and pain. In this space lymphatic fluid should be able to flow fast and well to transport nutritions and more.

Kineso Taping works right there. Through the suspense of the tapes the subcutis becomes lifted. A Interstitien relaxation is the resultKinesio-Tape.

Using Tapes right the can:

  • Muscle tonus can be highered or lowered depending on the technique used.
  • Pain Relief
  • Support of joints trough correction or stabilization of the movement direction
  • Increasing of inflow or drawing of lymphatic, nutritional or oxygen flow